Hello JiaJiaBao

An intelligent robot terminal with a computing center.

Share idle computing resources,for easy rewards.

JiaJiabao will connect idle computing resources together after being started

and offer to people in need. The reward is based on the shared computing power

JiaJiaBao has three calculation by default, supporting eight kinds of mainstream

computing powers, which can also be arbitrarily switched to get more rewards faster!

xmr zec eth storj byc brust etc lkt

Intelligent Robot

The Australian BELIEVER team authorized BELIEVER service for JiaJiabao’s intelligent robot to implement decision-making and implementation through data understanding, calculation and learning,

which ensures more accurate anticipation and intelligent decision-making when faced with massive data analysis, processing and storage.

JiaJiabao is making our life better and better!

Free Upgrade

You can enjoy free upgrade activities and the ultimate terminal experience that leading technologies such as AI Intelligence are showing in succession.

JiaJiabao APP Download

JiaJiabao App, a shared computing cloud robot that understands you better.

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